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Wellness Treatments

Wellness treatments at Palm Beach Body Sculpting have been curated to create a healing experience unlike any other. These signature sessions provide powerful, long lasting results that target specific recovery systems in your body.

Lymphatic drainage is key

Fatigue, difficulty losing weight, edema, muscle pain, insomnia, congestion – and more – are signs that your lymphatic system isn’t working its best.

Palm Beach Body Sculpting offers the only treatment in the world to stimulate every millimeter of skin and drastically, quickly improve lymphatic function. 

Pain relief and a better mood

Infrared therapy is known to assist with detoxification, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, and improved circulation.

Treatments also decrease cortisol and increase seratonin, making the infrared treatment incredibly effective at relaxation and boosting mood as well. 

Treatment Benefits

Relieve Pain
Boost Circulation
Boost Immunity
Sleep Better

Pricing & Rates

Treatment Duration Price
Lymphatic Drainage 30 Minutes $50.00
Infrared Therapy 30 Minutes $60.00
Chiropractic Adjustment 30 Minutes varies