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Spa & Beauty Treatments

Pamper yourself with a facial treatment and you will love the look and feel of soft, glowing skin. Choose from a classic facial, anti-aging, acne, or a signature facial, as well as a full-body seaweed wrap. Our facials and body wraps are restorative, relaxing, and designed to improve the look and feel of the skin.

Remove buildup and deep-cleanse for a healthy glow

Monthly facials help to support at home skincare programs to achieve the healthiest skin possible. Daily skin cleansers can’t get deep enough into our pores, causing even the best home cleansers and creams to lose their effectiveness.

Getting facials helps to remove the build-up of oil, dirt, and bacteria that are clogging pores, allowing your home skincare products to penetrate deeper, work better, and support your new healthy, glowing skin.

Whole-body nourishment

Enjoy a relaxing full-body  treatment that nourishes and softens the skin, while detoxifying, removing excess fluid from tissues, and restores minerals. 

Our seaweed wrap contains sea salt, sea weed, amino acides, and vitamins that are essential to good skin care and maintenance. After your body is fully covered, you’ll lay inside a deeply warming infrared sauna bag to intensify the effects and relax the muscles while the treatment works its magic.

Treatment Benefits

Detoxifies skin
Softens & smooths
Relaxing treatments

Pricing & Rates

Duration Pricing
Classic Facial 60 min $100.00
Anti-aging Facial 60 min $100.00
Acne Facial 60 min $100.00
Seaweed Wrap 60 min $130.00