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ICOone is a European technology that takes a new, advaned scientific approach, focusing on the connective tissue and lymphatic system, to quickly transform the skin, face and body without the need for fillers, needles or surgery.

Using microstimulation, an innovative and patented technology, ICOone delivers customized and highly-effective treatments which quickly break down fat cells, smooth cellulite and wrinkles, and restore the skin’s complexion, tone and texture.

ICOone is the only device in the world which stimulates every millimeter of skin tissue, delivering immediate, natural, noticeable and long-term results.


  • 100% pain-free and no downtime
  • Safe for all skin types, including loose or damaged
  • Rapid results for the body and face
  • Can be used daily for faster results
  • Feels like a warm and relaxing massage!


  • Stubborn Fat
  • Cellulite
  • Wrinkles
  • Saggy or loose skin
  • Skin-tone and texture
  • Stretchmarks and scars
  • Healing/improved results after cosmetic surgery
ICOone is also very effective in treating medical concerns including:
  • Bloating
  • Edema
  • Muscular Pain
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Rehabilitation

WHAT IS IT? (How does it work?)

Using a patended Roboderm® technology, ICOone is the device only in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS). This is achieved through the set of microholes present on the surface of the microstimulators located in the icoone handpieces.

These microstimulators roll forwards and backwards, stimulating every area of the skin, no matter how small, and throughout its entire structure, in a precise, targeted, non-invasive manner, generating up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute.

Roboderm Technology, therefore, triples the stimulation surface, for deeper, more efficient skin stimulation, resulting in the breakdown of fat, drainage of fat cells and metabolic waste, and a renewed production of collagen and elastin.

The technology and method is designed to deliver long-term, natural and noticeable results by regenerating the connective tissue and improving lymphatic function. This gives new support to the skin, making it smoother, improving skin quality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing cellulite and more. The skin on the face, neck and body is more toned and compact, the contours sharper, and overall more youthful.



Most clients see a difference in the first session. The number of total sessions needed are based on the your goals. With a limited number of sessions in a few weeks you can achieve a significant and noticeable result, including younger and healthier looking skin, and reduced fat even where it is most resistant.
ICOone results are truly long-lasting. Because they work with the body’s own methods for weight loss, skin health, and overall wellness, clients can see and experience the benefits for several months after treatment.
There is absolutely no downtime. You can resume normal activities directly following the treatment. There is no pain, recovery time, bruising or any other effects from the treatment.
Our team will discuss your goals which will determine the length and number of treatments you will need. In most cases, just 5 to 10 sessions result in a dramatic change in the body, skin, and/or face. Because treatments are gentle enough to be performed daily, some clients choose to see faster results by scheduling sessions more often.

About the procedure

ICOone treatments are very comfortable, and most describe it as a warm and relaxing massage. Each body treatment begins with a full-body lymphatic drainage massage, followed by focused laser treatment in the selected area – such as the abdomen, arms, back, thighs and more. the technician will glide rollers over the body, or glide micro-rollers on the face – even in the smallest and most sensitive areas. The rollers use suction to stimulate each millimeter of skin tissue for optimal and fast results.

Pre-treatment tips
  • Before treatment is important to drink a good amount of water, as it results in more effective lymphatic drainage.
What To Expect At Your Appointment
Knowing what to expect on the day of your ICOone appointment will make the treatment most comfortable and anxiety-free.
Day of treatment
The technician will provide you with a thin, stretchy body-suit. It’s a lot like a nylon stocking for the body and fits all sizes. This allows the treatment devices to glide over your skin more smoothly.
As with any body or skin treatment, it’s important to follow post-treatment tips for the best result.
Post-treatment tips
  • It is recommended to drink a lot of water also post-treatment. It also helps to move the body, including walking or stretching, to help the fat cells and metabolic waste to move out of your lymphatic system.
Complimentary Treatments
While complimentary treatments are not necessary to achieve the desired result, some clients choose to include ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency to speed the loss of fat and tightening of the skin.

How it Works

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