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Dr. Bruce’s Story

Dr. Bruce Osler, a chiropractor since 1999, founded Palm Beach Body Sculpting in 2016 when introduced to body sculpting by another doctor. Dr. Bruce has been in the health and fitness field his whole life and has been an avid weight trainer for over 45 years. At the time, Dr. Bruce had spent 3 years struggling to lose extra weight, despite trying all the methods that used to work when he was younger, including altering his diet, cardio and weight training, and even spending hundreds of dollars in supplements.

Despite his hesitancy that it wouldn’t work or would be painful and have side effects – Dr. Bruce tried the newest European ICO|one body sculpting treatment on himself. He was convinced – losing over 20lbs and 5 ½ inches – not only without any pain or downtime, but it felt like a massage. Not only did he lose the weight, but he also felt great, and his skin appeared much younger and toned. He wanted to begin offering this revolutionary treatment to his patients. Since 2016, Dr. Bruce has expanded his practice to include a specialized selection of the most advanced technologies for fat reduction, anti-aging, body sculpting, beauty, and wellness.